My 31 Day Vegan Experiment: The Final Chapter(?) Days 28-31

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Well, I made it. Vegan for August.  So where to now? Should I keep going?  What did you learn, Dorothy?  (vague ‘Wizard of Oz’ reference) All will be revealed…

Day 28 “Is that all there is”?

Seriously where are the white knuckles? I certainly thought this would be tougher. So much so I almost feel like it didn’t happen. Do I feel any better, have more energy, sleep better? No, but not any worse either. No real cravings (except for eggs, but that’s because eggs were my go-to breakfast each morning.) So it’s been a big meh, honestly.  But I do feel good about not helping out Factory farming. I am only one person and it’s only a pittance, but I feel good about not contributing to something I personally view as being abysmal.  So there’s that at least.  As far as weight, just six pounds, but I feel like those six pounds aren’t coming back so that makes me happy.

Day 29 “Missionary Man” 

Having just mentioned that I view part of this experiment as a wash, I admittedly would make a bad Vegan Missionary. I’m totally cool with that. I am very grateful I did this experiment, and feel like it was a positive learning experience but do I recommend trying Veganism? Mostly yes.  Yes in the sense I feel strongly that people should be willing to explore options, Will it be a fit for you? That’s something I can’t answer. If you try it and decide you just love pork chops too much, I can at least respect you for trying.

Make an informed decision. Research how your meat is processed even if you don’t choose to give it up. It might change your mind. If it doesn’t, at least you aren’t in the dark about what you’re eating. Either way, I’ll still be your friend. This isn’t a hill I’m willing to die for.  Having said that, respect my choices and I’ll respect yours.

Day 30 “It’s gonna take some time, this time”

Perhaps, a month is too little time to really feel the merits of this choice. I figure since it is after midnight here (and now officially September) I have survived my month-long carni-fast. I even have meat and cheese in the refrigerator. (A couple housemates are omnivores) But despite this treasure trove of verboten delights, I’m still not craving anything. So I have a new 30-day experiment for September but have decided to stay Vegan until my birthday on the 22nd. My favorite comfort food is tuna salad and cheese on Triscuits, so I am planning on indulging. After having a taste of flesh, will I get meat fever and toss my vegan ways aside? Stay tuned. (Who knows maybe by the time my birthday comes around I won’t even want it. But for at least the next three weeks and a day, I’m still Vegan.

Day 31 “Where does my heart go now?”

What I am considering is giving several methods people have used to successfully lose weight a month-long trial. I really don’t know what does or doesn’t work for me and I figure I can try things for a month and at the end pick and choose what does and doesn’t work. So for September, I am choosing (drumroll)… Intermittent fasting (or I.F. as the kids today call it). I actually have some experience with this from last year when I did my 100 Day Workout Challenge. (The one that came crashing down with the cat bite that put me in the hospital) If you are unfamiliar with the story I have it all chronicled in some earlier posts here at G.G. Anyway, I actually liked I.F. very much. It was at times very difficult to maintain but I had tons of energy and was able to lose weight fairly easy.

Here’s how it works. You have an eating window. Usually an 8hr time frame. Then for the remaining 16hrs, you don’t eat or drink anything caloric. (water, tea are fine) . Of course, if you schedule it correctly 8 hours or so of that time you are sleeping.  So for example in a typical day for me (remember I work nights) I get up around 10, hold off breakfast until noon, have a small meal around 4 and another meal around 8. Then from 8pm to noon the next day, I fast. The hardest part for me is I stress eat and my job tends to make me VERY stressed. So I come home from work at midnight and I am voracious. That was the hardest part of doing this. On my days off I usually can manage because I am not s stressed and I stressed anD I (theoretically) go to bed sooner. But when I stick with the program I find my energy goes through the roof, I am less stressed at work and I feel better physically. Having said that the first 3-4 days are Hell. But if I stick with it, I get some results. So that’s what is on tap for September. Stay tuned. The updates should get very interesting. I’ll try to keep my all caps in check.

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4 Replies to “My 31 Day Vegan Experiment: The Final Chapter(?) Days 28-31”

  1. On Day 28. Six pounds in one month is all that anyone should loose. This is a very successful month for you.

  2. Omg exciting! I did intermittent fasting too to lose weight and it was super successful! I did the 5.2 diet. Congrats on being vegan for the month! It’s tough, and I’m glad you’ll remain it for a while longer too.

    It’s funny how much your body changes the longer you’re vegan… I can’t stand the smell of pork or beef sizzling anymore!

    1. I figured since my body was going crazy for meat, it meant that it wasn’t missed that much. I’d love to try a 5-2 plan but just the 16hrs a day wil be challenge enough, But someday yes I’d like to try that. Maybe in an upcoming month in 2019

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