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First a brief Rant. TLDR Version: “Keeping it real” on your blogs, how much is too much?

This week I had something happened that really opened up a very deep, very old wound for me. I guess you could say I was “triggered”. I know that is a loaded word these days, but it best describes how I felt. The thing is normally I am pretty private with my emotions and backstory. I put in a lot of time with people who were histrionic and I have no desire to be “that guy.” So I haven’t posted anything about what happened on my blog, because it really isn’t germane to the things I normally post about.  But I am wondering how much of a balance do you need in having a blog, especially if what you are going through has no real relevance to your niche topic(s)?

Certainly I want to”keep it real” on my blog and I realize that with literally millions of blogs out there, ultimately what will make the blog successful is me. More specifically, if people like me and what i have to say. I know that it is important that people get a sense of who I am and what i am about. But how much is too much? Admittedly for me my ‘comfort zone’ is less than most as I am normally fairly introverted and emotionally withdrawn compared to the general population. I’m not misanthropic, I do actually like people very much it’s just that I’m cautious.

So here’s my question: Where is the line for you? How much personal information do you share online? and maybe the most important question, How do you find the balance in being a sincere, warm and real person on your blog and not feel like you turned your page in to a Drama-blog? Where is the balance between “real-me” and “Blog-me”?  All dialogue would be warmly appreciated

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  1. Hey there, I would be interested in what triggered your reaction. I have the same questions you have. My blog started out to be posts to my family and friends about — literally — where in the world they could find me and what I was doing. Over the past three years of being nomadic, the blog has evolved to something that might suit a wider audience — so it’s maybe less personal but I get feedback that it has become more polished and relevant. I think you gotta do whatever feels right. It’s your blog! And you aren’t going to please all of the people all of the time. I think your blog is great.

    1. I had some time to ponder what i wrote and have concluded that it probably wasn’t for the best that i went in to details of the specifics on the page. It is a personal dispute with someone and they have a pronounced inclination to hold their narrative in a death grip. They also wouldn’t be beyond bringing their lieutenants on board to pile on and I really don’t want my page to devolve into “The jerry Springer Show’. I want my blog to feel warm and I want to come across as acessible and real, but I need the balance. Plus it is unfair because most times people would only be hearing my side, and there are always other ways of perceiving things. I am working today, but starting Sunday i’ll have four days off in a row. I figure a few days of R and R and a few walks I should be right as rain. Thank you for responding, I really appreciate your input and thank you for liking the blog it means a lot to me!

  2. Blogging, in itself, has been a journey in courage for me. I have wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl but I was shy and PAINFULLY self conscience. For many women, advanced age is a wonderful liberating time. We finally feel comfortable charting our own course without collapsing under criticism. I have a right to tell my story….everyone does. No one should die with their story untold. Lately in my blog, I have revealed personal things…weakness and failings. We all have them. I think we, as humans, appreciate humbleness and honesty. It makes us feel less alone. I was an elementary teacher. I was told that my posts often contain a message. I guess is because every word that came out my mouth was meant to teach something of value. I blog with no great regard for “likes” or “comments”. I am writing so my grandkids will know my story. I am writing to help other woman on their journey of courage. I write because now I absolutely love to and I going to keep going until all my story is told.

    1. What an absolutely beautiful response. Thank you. It does take courage to tell your story and tell it in a forthright manner. I spent a good part of this day pondering this post and I think a lot of it may also have to do with consistency. I think my posts are generally upbeat, if I have a bad day (or days) as long as people can see that it isn’t everyday maybe you get a pass. Not many people want to read a post where the person is in a foul mood every day. But maybe emotions even the “icky’ ones are ok if they are presented in a healthy balanced way. Thank you again for responding, I am very grateful to have you following.

  3. Hmmm… A tricky question. I do share some personal stuff but usually in the furtherance of a joke. Not always, if I see something that moved me, especially when I see poverty and hardship, I do advance my views on that stuff; politics I guess. I travel with my wife so relationships can come into the story. I aim to inform and amuse, so those are my guiding principles. And I will you cheap gags at other’s expense!

    1. Going forward I think one of the questions I will ask myself before posting something personal is “does it serve a purpose? Is it positive or helpful? If it is just venting I have a personal offline journal perhaps it is best served there. But using part of your lifr as yu are doing enhances the readers expierience. You’re on the right track in how you you’re doing it, I think.

  4. It’s your blog so you can write whatever you please. If you feel comfortable sharing details of your life , go for it. If you feel that some parts of your life are uncomfortable to talk about , don’t share them with your readers. Those of us who follow you, know what your blog is all about and never once have I heard you talk about family issues, work issues, etc. You can keep it real in your blog without bringing parts of your life that you don’t want shared with your readers.

    1. Thank you. I think a lot of what goes on in my world is temporary. I may be hurt or angry about a personal/work issue, but I’m usually able to adjust back to something normal. Blogs are kind of a permenat record and I don’t want to sully it with omething that is most ikely fleeting.

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