Welcome To Globetrotting Grandpa! Travel, Fitness and Poetry

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Sunrise at Lake Atitlan GuatemalaSunrise at Lake Atitlan GuatemalaTravel, culture, food and fun for those of us who refuse to grow old (or up)

12 Replies to “Welcome To Globetrotting Grandpa! Travel, Fitness and Poetry”

  1. What a beautiful spot I was there with a group of international women in 2000 when I retired from my appointment as leader of the AD2000 Women’s Track. I was 72 then. Now I’m 90 but I still want to live every day purposefully and obediently to God. Lorry Lutz

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  2. Our paths are similar Grandpa! I traveled for a year and around 20 countries on $2000 including transportation in 1968-9, and promised myself to take a year every five to do the same. Didn’t keep that pr0mise, but am back on the road again since retiring (S. America, Africa, Cuba, U.S./Canada). I now have brothers and sisters in over 55 countries. See my wordpress blog (Allan’s Wanderings) for more detail. BTW, I am having trouble (not at all cybersavvy) generating a simple link to my blog site to email–any clues?

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    1. Hi, Allan So glad you got back in the saddle travel-wise. It gives me hope for myself too. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog. I’m not too savvy myself but I’ll inquire about that link hopefully I’ll have an answer for you.

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  3. We just copied allanbrill65.wordpress.com and a green “following” or “follow” button appears to others I notify by email. Ever hear of the Senior Backpacker blog? Traveled with him briefly but couldn’t find him now. He was on the road “until I die”

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