It may have been raining, but spirits were far from dampened. The 39th annual Kansas City Ethnic Enrichment festival saw participants from almost 50 counties converge for a weekend of food, dancing, music, and crafts. This is one of my favorite days of the year, I get to travel all over the world and never leave home. 


This is the yearly fundraiser for Kansas City Ethnic Commission which helps foster unity among the many different ethnicities and helps with issues of settlement for newly arrived immigrants.


The corridor of flags


The festival grounds included booth of various nations serving food and selling regional craftwork and had a staging area in the center which featured musical acts, dance, martial arts demonstrations and an international fashion show.

                                    Here are some of the nations and people represented


I usually try to sample some of the foods from as many as the countries represented as I can. Since this year I am going Vegan for August, my options were more limited.  I did stop at the India booth and get the veggie curry platter. ee30

I think they borrowed the Bob Marley from the Jamaica booth



I guess they misheard me at the food stall, this platter had chicken in it. I was tempted, but saved the chicken for a treat for our dog,

Actually, Pakistan is only a hundred feet away, or at least it’s booth is.

One the most loved events at the festival is the international fashion show, where all the nations represented got to display some of their traditional clothing. 


This girl represented Ukraine but apparently didn’t have her sign handy. Who knows it might have washed away given how hard it was raining.

The Globetrotter in me loves this festival. It gives me a chance to get away from my corner of the world for a moment and remind me of some of the reasons I love traveling. 


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