My 30 Day Vegan Adventure Days 18-20

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Alright, it’s Monday, so that means weigh in. Just one pound. Just breathe and repeat my mantra “Every pound counts, every pound counts”  Even one step forward is one less. 

Day 18 “The problem with instant gratification is it just isn’t fast enough.”

I wish I had something more dramatic to report but the truth is, I don’t feel much different. Its been almost three weeks and I feel about the same. I am still glad I am doing this and perhaps 30 days isn’t long enough (for me) to get any definite results, but I wish I felt different (better, worse, something) I am about the same /weight is coming off very slowly and my energy level is about the same. (which isn’t bad I have pretty good energy regularly unless this is the dreaded “new normal” ) I normally don’t feel worn out by the end of the day. I like the ethical part though. (i.e., helping the animals)

Day 19 “Who are you? Who? Who?”

Sorry for all the music references on these updates. But I am wondering where are all my Vegan homies at? Well, today I went to the “VegFest” here in Kansas City and got to hang out with the Vegans or at least the Vegan-Friendly. If the crowds were any indication of the interest in the subject, it is definitely encouraging. They had a lot of food booths, but they were a bit pricey. If you have a moment and would like to do me a favor, go over to the post I made about the fest and give it a like, it has almost no views or likes. It is making me sad.

Day 20 Please Cheese me (like I cheese you)

Sorry for another musical pun.  At the festival, I did purchase some powered Cheese mix made from cashews and nutritional yeast. It is YUMMY. I had some on some beans and potato and even some pasta. It is a spicy cheese and i know everyone says this stuff but it really did taste like cheese. If this is a sign of things to come, i am definitely excited.

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  1. Keep on swimming, swimming, swimming…
    Every pound counts. I find that the older I get, the less quickly I can shed those pounds. I’m usually a fraction of a pound most weeks, at most a pound and a half. I wish it would go faster, but intellectually I know that if it did, it probably wouldn’t stay off. I started Weight Watchers again in May…down 15 lbs so far, so I will keep at it.

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