Yeti or not, here we come! (Our adventures at Everest)

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I am so blessed to have my good friend Jerry posting another guest blog.  This week he regales us with his adventures in the Himalayas. Enjoy.

Hello Dear Globetrotters! Seeing mystical Kathmandu up in the Himalayas had been a dream of mine since my college days, (which were a few years ago.)   Again,  I was blessed to have my best friend and biological brother Ravi with me as my traveling companion.  After the scariest airplane ride of my life, we landed in Kathmandu.  There are many stories for me to share of my adventures in and around this ‘other-worldly’ Shangri-La-like haven,  but today  I’ll devote this time and space to the one day we went off in search of seeing Mount Everest. 

We were not trekking on this journey, nor did we even have time as we were about to embark on a trip throughout India.  So it was this day or not at all,  and seeing the famed highest point on Earth was very high  (no pun intended) on my traveling priority list. 


A land of ethereal beauty, Nepal

  Our concierge kind man found us a local guy who would willingly take us in his personal truck in search of a beautiful place at the top of a mountain to be able to view Mt Everest in the distance.  Better than nothing,  so be it.  

We took off north of Kathmandu up the Chandragiri Hill, but the weather was not favorable for distant viewing.  When Krishna  ‘our guide’  saw my disappointment, he mentioned another, even better choice,  (albeit –  3 – 4 hours drive thru rough mountainous roads.)  I said, ‘Heck yeah – let’s go.’

And so, the three of us packed ourselves in Krishna’s colorful ole rickety barely moving truck and headed east across Nepal toward Mt Everest.

She may have been a lumbering behemoth,  but ole Salethannai was strong and steady.

We began climbing mountain after mountain, and each peak seemed to be getting rougher narrower roads and more treacherous. We went thru a famed pass and village in NE Nepal where they have had the most Yeti (Abominable Snowman) sightings.   Here in this village is where a local keeps a toe of a Yeti.  We did not see this, unfortunately.  

We did see several signs along the mountain road which had pictures of a Yeti.  There was one crossing where a Yeti has actually seen tracking off into the snowy tops.  We continued onward and upward since we didn’t see Yeti.

If you see the Abominable Snowman,  better have your cameras yeti.

We bounced around in the truck,  and the driver didn’t seem to take his driving very seriously.  The road turned from a gravel road to just paths for the tires to follow.  It was steep, no rails or guarding, so it was beyond scary,  and then the unthinkable happened. It began to rain, and I do mean a downpour.  We could barely see beyond 5 feet in front of the truck, and Krishna assured us he was used this and not to worry.  I prayed without ceasing.


Rain, mud and our lives flashed before us on this road.



The views of the rugged tallest mountains of the world were, well,  indescribable.  Spectacular –  that would be putting it mildly.
Left side picture on the way with Mt Everest just beyond the next mountain.  


The isolated National Police Academy & Training

We drove on just above this to the top of the mountain we were on to reach its’ summit. 


The Summit above the Academy.  Here we climbed a rickety wooden ladder  (looked hand-made) to get on top of the roof, and from here we could see Mt Everest off in the distance to the East.

  Even though from our vantage point Mt Everest looked shorter than other mountains surrounding it, we were assured by one, and all there at the Viewing Station that the one circled below in red was indeed the Top Of The World.  (highest point anyway). I did feel dizzy.  Air was acutely thin, and so breathing was a challenge.  Then as I stood in awe and wonder,  it struck me —–It really hit me —   somehow, someway,  we had to go back down to Kathmandu the same way we had come up,  and my  Vertigo went Into overdrive.  I am so thankful I do not have to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience again, and yet,  so thankful that I did, (And I survived it too).     Thanks for joining me.Until next time.                                             Happy Travels,   Jerry~       









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