100 Day Workout Challenge day 30-35

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I started a 100-day Workout Challenge last year and this is a record of my experience.  I’ll post five days at a time Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until I am through it, then I will update where I am now and will start posting real-time weekly journals thereafter.

100 Day Workout Challenge Day 30. Yea! one calendar month and almost a third finished. I am seriously beat up, I keep vacillating between acute rage and profound depression. Very tough night at work. Last night after work I broke the fast and stressed ate like mad: 5 cups of air popped popcorn, five one ounce blocks of cheese and a bowl of beans.Roughly about 700 calories which still wasn’t enough to eliminate the caloric deficit for the day but took it down to only about 300. This morning I slept in and missed the pool. I could REALLY skip out on the exercise today (could, but won’t ) I am a mess, I hope i get some rest and feel better.

100 Day workout Day 31. I feel better (I think). The feelings of sadness and rage have been supplanted by numbness. I know tomorrow is going to be my first day off in 8 days. So maybe there’s that. Jane made me a nice lunch of beans and rice and homemade salad. And i had some very nice black bean tacos and a scoop of strawberry ice cream and still only managed about 1400 calories. I overslept again today and missed swimming but plan on walking a couple miles tonight after work.

100 Day Workout Challenge Day 32. I think that Sundays may very well come the Optional Cheat Day. By cheating I mean not stress out about keeping my 1500 Calorie goal and IF. (Until my 100 days are over there is NO cheat day on exercise). There are several reasons why Sundays are tough, 1) It is usually my only day off work and I am often exhausted, 2)Sunday is usually the only day I feel famished, the other days I am mostly too busy to notice, 3) Frank usually cooks on Sunday and he is a freaking amazing cook. Most days my willpower is pretty strong but I’ve noticed my willpower is in direct disproportion to the amount of stress I have from work, but normally i can rationalize that it is just stress and not real hunger.
What brings this all up is today was a real calorie killer. I am supposed to have 2k calories to maintain my weight, which is why i shoot for 1500. Additionally exercise helps up the deficit. Well today even with an hour swimming with Jane, I only had a caloric deficit of about 200 calories. I have a weigh in on Wednesday so I am choosing to believe the momentum from all the other days will still give me a lower number that two weeks ago.

100 Day workout challenge Day 33. One third of the way through. Woo hoo! 1500 calories today and a 90 minute walk. deficit of about 900 calories

100 Day Workout Challenge Day 34. Went swimming with Jane was short of an hour because i kept having to pee and someone took my lane when i got back. But made 50 minutes though. I came close to the 2000 cut off point on calories but the swimming kept me at a deficit. I was considering doing a walk after work and prayed about it and oddly got a “No” message. my guidance said i had done enough for the day and to go home and eat something light and go to bed early. Which i did (except for the going to bed early part which i regret) Tomorrow is weigh in day for weeks 4-5.

100 Day Workout Challenge Day 35. Okay weigh in day don’t let me down. Drum-roll please….324 down 7 from last weigh in and down 21 pounds from the start. My goal is to be at or below 300 on my birthday on September 22. Did the hour swim but wish i could do the whole hour unabated by pee breaks. Think I’m going back to red Bridge there’s less competition for lanes there. Most likely will walk tonight but I’ll check for guidance before i start

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