A continuing series of photographs taken by my Housemate Frank Dolci during a recent visit to Sicily. 


Faces of Sicily: Mary, Queen of Heaven Palermo’s Cathedral
Faces of Sicily: Valley of the Temples up close and personal.
Faces of Sicily: There are no faces here. Remains of ancient Greek statues, Valley of the Temples.
Faces of Sicily: Frontal view of the Temple of the Concordia. This Doric masterpiece was constructed in 440-430 BC and is the largest and best- preserved temple in Sicily and is one of the best-preserved Greek temples in existence.
Faces of Sicily: Elevated highway or alto auto strada near Agrigento.
Faces of Sicily: Ancient columns, Valley of the Temples, Agrigento.
Faces of Sicily: Exterior columns and ceiling, Teatro Massimo, Palermo.
Faces of Sicily: Balconies are common in all structures, Palermo
Faces of Sicily: More wildflowers.


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