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I was cleaning out my stuff awhile back and found this poem I wrote 30 years ago this month It’s called “The Warrior’s Poem’ I wrote in April 1984

“As a lad I oft wandered the sacred gardens. There within the amber corpses of spring leaves newly fallen, did I st.
Only a page was I, and basked in the glory of the day Knighthood would come to me.
But I was a page full of silly dreams of boyhood, And not understanding what i put on with my armor was the duties of manhood.
For much is required of manhood and knowing this now, I wish i could have remained a page forever.
For the heat of battle is better in the mind of a child, than a warrior wounded. The pain of boyish jest quickly passes as the game does. But the scars of a warrior never heal.”

2 Replies to “The Warriors Poem”

    1. Thanks! I’ve been thinking about adding some original poems and/or haiku as well as some posts about my weight loss struggles. The primary focus will always be travel, but as I am growing more comfortable as a presence online, I want to include other aspects of myself as well.


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