Brother, You’re gonna love Philadelphia

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The cradle of our nations independence,  the city of brotherly love, the liberty-town, Philadelphia goes by many names. The former nation’s capital and currently the nation’s fifth largest city Philadelphia belongs on everybody’s short list on must visit  North American cities.

There’s something for everyone here. Great food, a world class art museum, a rich cultural and historical heritage and a vibrant musical scene.  I’ve been told it’s always sunny here, but during my visit it was mostly chilly and overcast, but I found enough to do to keep my mind off the cold.

The Globetrotting Grandpa sporting the latest in Alma Mater wear. Standing outside of Independence hall.
The liberty bell Philadelphia’s most famous icon.
Inside of Independence Hall this is the very first house of Representatives
The very first location of the United States Senate
Both the Declaration of Independence and later the United States constitution were debated in Independence Hall. Besides housing the original US House and Senate, the building was also the location for the original US Supreme Court. The hall is featured on the reverse side of the US 100 Dollar Bill (not that I get to see one too often) Tickets are free but it is always crowded and you can only go on a guided tour so book early.
The grave of  Benjamin Franklin probably Philadelphia’s most famous resident.
The grave of Betsy Ross


Philadelphia City Hall. For years the tallest building in the city. The tower is over 540 feet tall and is capped by a statue of William Penn. (Pennsylvania is named after him)
Cupid’s arrow just might strike you visiting the city’s many Art treasures at Philadelphia Museum of Art.
The Art museum faces city hall and the new sky scrapers that have surpassed it. The two biggest buildings are both Comcast towers
Rocky Balboa stands in triumph near the  Museum of Art steps he once famously ran up


Pat’s or Geno’s the debate rages on both serve the famous Philadelphia steak sandwich. Both sides inspire fiercely loyal supporters. My opinion? Well, I can’t say when I was there all I had was plastic and they are cash only businesses.
I did end up having a steak sandwich at a place called Sammies downtown. It was very tasty. And they let me charge it.
Cheesesteak isn’t your cup of tea? here’s another great food option. One of the nation’s oldest city markets with just about anything you could be hungry for.
You’ll love Philadelphia and you might just find out the feelings mutual.

11 Replies to “Brother, You’re gonna love Philadelphia”

  1. Nice! I love Philadelphia. If you ever do the Independence Hall tour again, go stand in line afterwards at the building next door (Congress?) for that tour…they don’t reserve that one, but it was more extensive than the one in Indepence Hall and we got to go upstairs and see more rooms than in Independence Hall.

      1. Also, check out the gardens of the Rodin museum…sister to the one in Paris. And this past summer we went inside St Peter and Paul basilica…it was an escape from the heat and very impressive inside

      1. Most definitely! I think it’s interesting that there really isn’t a gray area. You either like one or the other. We were there back in 2009 and don’t usually travel with cash, so I wonder if cash only is new since then. Or maybe I did research it. I can’t remember. 😁

      2. Actually I’ve had a few friends say Pat’s but i swear I’ll keep an open mind. It was a bit of a bummer being turned away especially since I had a bit of a hard time finding the place. The street around there were kind of narrow with cars parked on both sides of the road. i was in a rental so i was real nervous. Oh well Sammies was pretty good. I had no idea cheese whiz coud be so tasty.

      3. Oh yeah, I can see how that would have been stressful. A friend of ours that used to live there told us to park farther out and walk in, which we did. You’ll know all the tricks for next time! Also, if you want your sandwich with cheese whiz, you say, “wiz wit”, in case you didn’t already know. 🙂

    1. The bell was made in London and shipped to Philadelphia. The metal was too brittle and was actually recast twice. When you see the bell in person, you become aware just how big the crack really is. The steak sandwich I had was awesome. I don’t even like cheese whiz, but it works the way they made it.

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