But I digress….This blogs first growing pains

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pexels-photo-247708.jpegI think we should be free to see other subjects. Well, it;s almost that bad. I feel like I am somehow being disloyal to the spirit of this blog by adding a couple non-travel related posts.  But as I grow more comfortable with having this blog, I am wanting to incorporate more aspects of myself. Not a lot mind you, but some occasional original poetry and haiku and some posts about my weight loss struggles.

The weight loss posts seem an easier sell since they call it a “weight loss journey” and like all journeys it is about the successes and foibles you encounter between your points that is the real story. My manta of “T’is not too late to discover a newer world”  seems to be apropos to self improvement as well.

The main thing I want to accomplish through this blog is transformation. Not only for myself which is very important to me, but for those who read and follow along as well.

The primary focus of “Globetrotting grandpa” was and will always be travel. But in order for me to personally accomplish all I need to do, it will require me to improve my health as well I want to let people know where i am with that and honestly, I also need the accountability that comes from posting.

Ultimately, i know it’s my blog to run as i see best. And I plan on tagging posts so people know where I’m going in advance. I hope those of you who follow my blog will stick around, I’ve really enjoyed your company.  All feedback as always is welcome.

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  1. I think this is a great idea and it’s just as important to share mistakes and hardships along the way! Travel isn’t always glamorous and neither is life. If we only share the successful aspects of stories, it doesn’t give people the full picture in a way that they can apply to themselves to help in their own life. Thanks for sharing your travels and now experience with self-improvement too!

    1. Thank you JamCafe. I think it’s important that people see the whole picture. I said from the very first post I never want to incite envy iwth my travel post. I don’t want people to read about travel and think “lucky him” I’d rather they think ‘that looks amazing. I should consider it’ Like travel. my health journey has included a lot of discipline, focus and careful planning. They aren’t really that much different. Thank you for your comments they are much appreciated.

    1. Thanks. I am grateful for the encouragement. I never want to lose sight of the main focus of my blog (travel). But I also want to try to be as honest as i can about who I am. And my health is a big part of it and i like having a place to share an occasional poem as well.

  2. “To thy own self be true.” It took me a long time to learn that. Write what you sincerely feel. We have too much artificial stuff in this world. We need to hear genuine stories so we all know that life is still real!

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