What are your health and fitness goals for 2022?

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It’s been about seven weeks into the new year, so how are your health/fitness goals for 2022 coming along?  What have you decided to do differently this year? 

I have set a goal of committing to exercise at least four days a week. ( I would love to exercise daily but I am setting a lower goal of four so I won’t spiral out if I miss a day. Progress, not perfection. So far this year I have been able to keep that goal going

As far as diet, I have been Vegan/Vegetarian (I tend to alternate due to my love of cheese and eggs) since the end of July last year and plan on sticking with it. My calorie goal is around 1200-1600 calories depending on the day and my mood/energy level.  So far so good on that one.

But really, this post is about YOU. What are your goals?  Let’s discuss and support and encourage each other

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