Personal Trainers: Yea or Nay?

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So this post is for those of you who have an interest in the health and Fitness subjects. I have a question for you: How do you feel about getting a personal trainer?  Is it worth the money? Those of you that have used one, did you have a good experience or a bad one?  My answer is below. 

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There have been two times I have used a Personal trainer. Both times it didn’t turn out well. Both times the trainer (who was male) seemed more interested in the females in the gym than helping me.  He would talk to them I’d ask what I should do he would say “go over there and lift this weight ten times”. And then continue talking with the ladies. When I would finish he would say now “go run five laps on the track.” and again keep talking. After the third session. I told him I no longer wanted his services. The second one just talked on his cellphone the whole time. When I canceled with him, he threatened to take me to court because he claimed we had a “verbal agreement for services” and he wanted to still be paid. Needless to say, neither experience left me with a positive impression.

I know this is the exception and not the rule. I am sure there are a lot of dedicated, professional trainers. But how do you avoid getting a hack?  seems like anyone in reasonably good shape can call themselves a “personal trainer” so how do you make sure you are getting a good one? I’d love some feedback from you.

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  1. Hi there. I am a personal trainer in Gaithersburg, MD. You can check out my other blog – Sandler Strength and Fitness if you’d like. Your story kinda pisses me off because you and others are paying good money to get the help you are looking for. Sadly, some trainers just don’t get that and not only don’t pay attention to their clients, but have their clients do things they want to do, rather than the things their clients should be doing. But to answer your question, I think the best way to find a good trainer it to shop around. If you’re at a big a gym, a couple things happen. #1) you walk into the gym and talk to the fitness director or someone else and ask to be set up with a trainer. That’s cool, except like everything else, just because you are set up with him or her does NOT mean you need to work with them. The first thing they will do is sit and talk to you. Find out your goals, etc. Make sure you find out about them too, credentials, maybe references. As a trainer, I LOVE referrals. I could give you several people right now who have been happy with me. Any trainer should be able to do the same thing. Remember, too, you do not need to settle for that trainer. If you have a couple sessions with that person and you don’t feel like it’s working out. tell their boss (once again, probably the fitness director) and he or she should be able to schedule you with someone who may work better for you. #2) Ask around. you see other people working with trainers – especially in your demographic – find out how they like working with that person. Once again, that trainer will love the referral. Good luck! Don’t get down on personal training. It can be a big benefit to your workouts, your goals, and making sure you are working correctly. Ken

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