Hello, Everybody. Let’s get acquainted!

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There’s been a lot of recent follows to this page. I am very grateful and want to return the favor. I’d love to get a chance to get know you (and make sure I follow you in return if I haven’t already. ) So introduce yourself, promote your blog, and maybe something about your blogging adventures so far. What do you like about your blog and blogging in general? you know, stuff like that.  Take as much space as you need. The floor is yours.  “Mi blog es su blog.” 

                     So allow me to:bi

Hello, My name is Darryl and my page is “Globetrotting Grandpa” I’ll tell you a secret, I’m not a grandfather. Heck, I’m not even a father (Although it was always a dream of mine, it sadly never materialized.) But I am old enough to be one.. I want this blog to be a long-term commitment and I figure the title is something that will remain relevant through the years.

The primary focus of the blog is travel. Although I also write about my ongoing weight-loss journey and have a “Humpday Haiku” every Wednesday and some occasional original poetry.

I have traveled throughout Europe and lived in London for about six months back in the late 80’s. I have also been to the Some Pacific Islands, Central America, the Caribbean, the middle east,and all 50 States.

I would love to find a way to turn my blog into a business. (That’s the dream) for now, I have a regular job working on a prayer line. We pray with anyone who calls and is non-denominational. I was raised Southern Baptist, but today I would describe myself as Spiritual but not religious. I try to respect everyone’s beliefs, and am generally a ‘live and let live” type of person. I am politically left of center, but almost never, ever discuss politics on the blog.

I am a huge book nerd and will read virtually anything, I tend to read a lot of history and biographies. Oh and a lot of blogs. If I am following you, I am reading you. I must also say a lot of the blogs I read are really damn good.

I really hope the blog becomes a way of meeting others and hopefully developing some friendships, I have really enjoyed the privilege of getting to interact with some of the people who have been kind enough to post comments. I hope that grows in the future.

So that’s a bit about me. Tell me about yourself. I have the day off today, so let’s chat a bit. I’d love to get to know everyone a little better.  


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