This week’s Humpday Haiku

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If you enjoy Haiku, come join me at my sister blog “Haikukakchoo” I just started that page just last week so it’s still pretty lonesome over there. We have a new, original Haiku there every day.

I think every Wednesday, I will post some here. But I do want to keep the focus on Travel at Globetrotting Grandpa. Everyone likes being a little well rounded. So drop on by for a change of pace. 

photo of brown maple leaf

” Nature’s reunion/ a lone amber baby leaf/falls to mother earth.”

baby holding human finger

Birth ignites a spark. Growth, Love, Learning, Gain….then loss. And time hardly blinked. “

photo of trees

Williwaw winds gnaw/ wizened jewels of Autumn fall/ like an old man’s teeth.”

autumn leaves on the ground

Pied iridescence/ drapes earth’s sooty sable skin./ cobbled with color.”

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