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potd3I wrote a post last year about free things you can do in NYC. I was going through some photos and came across this one of me on the Brooklyn Bridge. Strolling across the bridge from Manhattan, my friend Jonathan and I walking along the Brooklyn side along the river and marveled at the WTC building and the massive towers across the way. Later we rode the Staten Island ferry just for fun and caught a nice glimpse of Ellis Island and the Statue of liberty. Then we walked through Central Park. Other than the coffee in my hand in this picture, the whole day didn’t cost anything save a subway ticket.

It’s easy to forget just how much you can do for free or almost free even in one of the world’s most expensive cities. So what have been some of your freebies? Something you did in a great vacation spot that didn’t cost much or anything? I’d love to hear your stories!

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  1. I remember a great Spring day walking from Port Authority at 42nd St. over to 5th Avenue and down to 12 St at the Forbes Building for a meeting and then back on 7th Ave.

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