Guest Blogging: Boy, have I got a lot of questions

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As this blog continues to grow, (Thank you, thank you, thank you) I am starting to consider the possibility of guest blogging. By that I mean having someone wrote a guest post here and i would write one of their blog page. It seems like a win/win. Both of us get to have a new audience and hopefully both will gain some new follows. 

As enticing as it sounds I have some questions I’d like to ask everyone and especially those of you who have actually taken the plunge:

  1. Is there a minimum number of followers you require?                                        I currently have about 877 followers (whom I love!!) and I certainly would like to switch with someone who has at least the same amount if not more. But part of me would like to give someone with less a shot too. I remember what it was like starting out. (listen to me, this blog is only a few months old, I am not an old timer by any stretch) Still, I know it is hard at the very start getting people to follow so I would consider  any number. I’ve heard that a lot of people set the mark at 500. What do you think? Do you have an amount that is a cut off for you?
  2. What about recycled posts? Do you require the post be a fresh one?                 I have some old posts from the beginning that didn’t generate much reaction. Not sure if they weren’t that good or just didn’t get seen by too many people. Do you take old posts? would you submit an old post?
  3. How many pictures do you allow?                                                                                  I like pictures a lot. But if i am giving or receiving a guest blog I’d want it to be a blog not a pictorial. I;d want it to be a conversation. Don’t get me wrong I love pictorial blogs too. But Maybe not as a guest post. how many words did you ask for as a minimum?
  4. How did it work out for you? Did you or your guest actually gain any follows? Would you do it again? Do you recommend guest blogging?
  5. Would love some feedback!!

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