The game is afoot. The clues are laid bare but alas,  I’m sure it must be elementary.  The fact that I’m featuring Sherlock and the year we’re covering is 1978 one can easily deduce the song I am featuring has to be “Baker Street”  by Gerry Rafferty.

I love this song and how about that Sax hook. It’s the best sax solo this side of “Careless Whisper”. If the stories were true, Rafael Ravenscroft almost missed his chance to create that iconic hook. The story goes that the guitarist was supposed to solo but he was out sick so they put in a saxophone. Who knows if that’s true. You know how Showbiz types like to embellish. This song reminds me of my maternal grandmother coming up from Texas to spend the summer with us. The song was playing as we drove tp the airport. .

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