80 years until Spring 1953

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Every day from now until Spring, I will play a song from each year from 1940-2020. I’ll also write a little bit about the song and why I chose it to represent that year.

“How much is that doggy in the window?” is probably the first song I ever recall hearing. It wasn’t on the radio but I distinctly remember hearing a female member singing it. It was either my mom or my Aunt Joan (my mother’s twin sister). probably, my Mom, she likes to sing a lot.

Speaking of doggies, we have three. Juju who is part Lab and part husky and is by far the largest of the three. Then we have Jinxie who is part Dachshund and Beagle. Jinx is my buddy and follows me everywhere around the house. In fact, they are both by my desk and apparently want to be let outside. Be right back.

It’s really cold out, but they seem to like it. Now, where was I? Oh yeah doggo number three. Chi-chi the chihuahua.

cchShe was a complete surprise. She showed up at our door a few months ago literally. She was on our front porch barking. She was terribly skinny and shivering. We took her to the vet to see if she was microchipped and she was. The vet wouldn’t give us the name but said there was a contact number and they would call the person. They said they never got a response. We also put flyers everywhere and even went door to door. We got lots of people who didn’t own her but offered to take Chi-chi.  So, for now, she is more of a resident-alien. We will surrender her to the rightful owner if they ever come forward. The microchip has her real name, so all the owner has to do is tell us. But until then she’s our Chi-chi.  PS I don’t think a Cocker puppy is going to scare robbers but it’s still a nice song.

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