Hi Everyone, It’s been a while. I missed you. I plan on doing an update post tomorrow and get back to posting some great travel photos and stories. Since Sunday was the start of Autumn (in the northern hemisphere. Those of you south of the equator, happy spring), I thought I’d dig into the vault and post some of my favorite  Fall Haikus. Hope you enjoy them.  (PS on haiku #4 “Hiraeth” is a Welsh word that means “longing for home, to fit in” it doesn’t have a direct English translation but it is a good word I think to capture that melancholy some of us get in the fa;; season.)

couple hands on shoulder beside plant

Your arms my fortress, if I just freeze this second, I’ll always be safe”

photo of person walking near orange leafed trees

Broken rainbows blow/ dabbing trees with stained glass light/ Fall: God’s cathedral.

adult beverage breakfast celebration

Dark, cool Autumn nights/Sweater and I reunited/ missed my wooly friend.”

sunset love lake resort

Hiraeth wounds my heart, invisible walls- lost love, echos sans voices,

aerial photography of green field and road viewing mountain

“Diffuse angels dance/ gossamer dervishes swirl/ cloudy dimpled day”


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