The “Half the Man I used to be” Project. Weeks 17-18.

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My ongoing journey to lose half my body weight. This April I was 360 pounds. Over the next year and a half, I plan to lose 185 pounds. Every other week ( and hopefully very soon every week) I plan to post my latest update and also post some info I am learning about the process along the way.) This week’s topic:

How to keep the diet going, even when you are vacationing. I know for many (myself included) this is very difficult. I recently took a week-long vacation through the upper Midwest. (Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia. I will be posting some new stories soon too. ) I planned ahead and was very careful. Not only did I not gain weight (A first for me) I actually was able to lose a bit.  

“Just the facts, Jack”

Original starting weight: 360 pounds

Weight at last official weigh-in: 322.9

Weight at the current weigh-in  July 14th, 2019 318.8

Pounds lost since lost between weigh-in 4.1

Total weight loss of 41.2 pounds.

Average Calorie Per Day 1651

Total Hours worked out over the last two weeks 11.5

Average BP this last two weeks 123/73 prior two weeks 128/79 ( still glad to see the meds working!) Average resting pulse rate 67 beats per minute.

While 4.1 pounds lost in the last 18 days is under my goal of two pounds per week, I am very grateful to still be losing. I have experienced a lot of back and forth on the scale. (lose 3 pounds, gain two back) the overall trend is still downward. I am grateful to have survived my road trip without any net weight gain. I hope to have regular posts again. I have been through a lot and will be updating on all my recent activities tomorrow.

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  1. So very happy to hear from u Darryl. I’m so proud of you as you continue your path to your desired weight.
    I know you will accomplish this and you know I support you 😍🙋🏼👍🏻😀

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