“I saw the light” and other Health related musings

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hwIt has been a while since I wrote a straight up health and wellness update, so I thought I would mention a few things going on with me. As I said in the posts I wrote about Seasonal Affective Disorder and Staying motivated in the wintertime, I had fallen a bit off the rails as far as my goals were concerned.

I did purchase a lightbox, and I love it! I know it’s kind of late in the season, but the box seems to help. The small square shape screen simulates sunlight (without the UV rays). It is really bright since I have to be at work by 5am and the sunrise isn’t until almost 730am right now. I plug it into my desk when I get in. It seems to work better than coffee for helping me wake up, and since I have been doing this, I rarely feel like I need to take a nap as soon as I get home. There are two screens white light, and blue screen. Since I have almost the complete office to myself in the morning, I usually use the white until sunrise then switches to blue when my coworkers start to arrive. The white screen bothers them. If I had my druthers, I’d actually go even brighter. I had no idea how light-starved, I appear to be. But if you also think you might have SAD, I would strongly recommend a lightbox. Mine was only $39.99 But next winter I may get an even bigger one. (Coworkers beware)


Mines about this size, but they come even more prominent if you want. Just make sure you get one with no UV’s and at least 10K lux. The minimum you need to get the light to impact you. 


As far as intermittent fasting goes. I am hit and miss I have had some good days where I am able to run my goal of a six to eight-hour eating window. My odd work hours of 5am to 330pm help. My brother was blessed with my Father’s physique ( I got my Mom’s), so he doesn’t have any weight issues. He does do fasting for more extended periods than I do. (He just finished a five day fast last week.) He wants me to do a two day fast. I have only managed a couple full 24-hour fasts, but I always manage to crack. It really isn’t the physical barrier that is stopping me but the psychological ones that do me in. I really want to master this because I feel a two day fast might be important in helping me develop self-discipline. What are your thoughts?

I am still vegetarian/vegetarian about 80% of the time. (mostly vegetarian because I have gotten into the habit of having eggs for breakfast, but I only have meat maybe once a week if that) I’d be able to go completely meatless if it weren’t for the fact that one of my housemates is a master griller and another is doing KETO and mostly eats all protein.  Never underestimate the value of getting your house on board with you when your dieting. It can be a huge factor as to why you may not be able to stick with your plans.  But April (and perhaps real bonafide Springtime) is coming and come April 1st, I plan to reboot my efforts. (and I’m not fooling)

Now that I have my lightbox my energy is improved. On workdays, I would come home, nap, have supper, maybe do a blog post and go to bed. Now that my energy has improved I am able to reincorporate swimming into my schedule. I also plan to walk a lot once it gets warmer.  So how are your fitness goals for 2019 coming along? I would love to have a conversation with you in the comments.


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  1. The light boxes are awesome! I had one when I worked overnights and it helped a lot. My health goal this year is…get back to yoga! I have to confess that was my health goal last year as well lol…but I’m holding fast to knowing I’ll actually do it this year!

    1. Glad the lightbox worked for you. I used to do an overnight, I really wish I knew about it back then. I believe in the power of affirmation and if you say you will, you will. I am slowly breaking myself of thoughts like “I want to, I wish i could” for “I will”. So i believe in you and know you will get back to yoga. 🙂

  2. my wife isn’t on board with my healthier food choices either. So at home we often eat separate meals, and when we go out we split something reasonably healthy. Compromise works for me better than perfection.

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