Hey there fellow readers, what’s is your favorite poem?

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My friend Jerry has made an excellent suggestion.   Since I just shared with you my favorite poem of all (‘Ulysses’ on the post just before this one) why not open it up for discussion. So let’s share our favorite poems. What poem moved you, made you laugh/cry, or changed the way you look at the world? We really would love you to share this.  So please, let’s discuss!

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6 Replies to “Hey there fellow readers, what’s is your favorite poem?”

  1. Hello all, This is Darryl’s friend Jerry. My life has been a journey of travel, the theatre, & poetry. I have had my own
    poetry published, hosted poetry workshops & supported starving poets, etc. and with reading/studying thousands upon thousands
    I have to admit my favourite poem is probably still the same poem that has been my favourite since I was a teenager (though for
    different reasons now). My favourite is Jenny Kiss’d Me by Leigh Hunt. I won’t say anything more about it though. However,
    whenever I have felt down, (which has been a little too often) all I had to do was recite this to myself and then I felt like the
    most blessed person on Earth. This poem looks and even feels like a simple poem with a simple statement, but there is much more
    poetic meat here than first observed. Savour this delicacy, and see if you can see the life behind the lines too?
    I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading. Please submit your own. Jerry~


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