Trail Report Week 11 Kansas City’s Trolley Trail

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Having featured several posts that were in decidedly rural settings, for this week I thought we would cover one of Kansas Citys Urban paths, the Trolley Track Trail. 

A one can deduce from the name this path runs on an old trolley passage. This particular circuit used to run to the city’s southern outskirts, today the trail is entirely within the city limits.
The trail begins near the Country Club Plaza, one of the Kansas City’s most beautiful locations.
The Seville Country Club Plaza or just known locally as “The Plaza” was a designed outdoor shopping area based on buildings found in Seville Spain.
Kansas City has more fountains per capita than Paris. Many of them can be found on the Plaza. This one: “The four horsemen of the Apocalypse” is probably the city’s most famous. The plaza is worthy of a post all on its own and will be featured in the future.
Many of KC’s most revered landmarks are directly on the path of the trail or very close by. They include The Plaza, Nelson Art Gallery, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and the National Toy Museum. Several of these locations have been featured in prior post of Globetrotting Grandpa.
University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) is located by the trail. Many students walk and bike on this trail. Several new dorms have been built along the path.
I like the porches on this house. My dream house would definitely have a lot of porches and decks.
The trail features the mysterious bird lady statue. I did a post on her last spring. No one really knows why people leave bird figurines and flower offerings to this statue. There are some theories.
There are several churches on the path that have an old-world appeal.
The trail is tree-lined throughout the trail.
There are several gardens located on the trail. They make a great place to rest for a moment.
The trail moves through the community of Brookside another very popular area for shopping and getting a bite for the trail.

Pros: This is a great path for an evening or weekend stroll. It is centrally located and is usually a pretty safe neighborhood. There are plenty of places to pitstop. And is probably the most biker friendly trail covered so far.

Cons: It is an urban path so there’s no ‘great outdoors’ aesthetic. While the trail is level without much incline, that may be too bland for advanced walkers/hikers who want a more challenging path.




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