My 30 Day Vegan Experiment Days 14-17

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I’m over the hump. I have to say the time has been moving really fast. I’m going Vegan, in August. This has been a lot of fun so far. 

Day 14 Next time he Cheats

This has been going so well it is almost too well. I am almost afraid I am sneak eating in my sleep. Like somehow I somnambulistically sneak a cheeseburger in the middle of the night. (how’d you like that big five dollar word I used) Where are the cravings, the pangs of hunger and cold turkey cravings for cold turkey? It makes me wonder…

Day 15 The New Math

I admit the last five or six days I have gotten really busy/disorganized and I have fallen off the wagon on the Myfitnesspal logging of my calories. Have I overcompensated the lower caloric veggies by eating more? I have no choice to start logging again. I feel like I am stuffed a lot. I am concerned I am overeating by convincing myself that non-meat and dairy foods are somehow “free”? They’re not because.

Day 16 Yes, Virginia, There are fat Vegans

From everything I have read and researched, it indeed appears that eating a vegan diet is better for your health than the Standard American Diet (SAD). But there are several reasons why you can eat Vegan and not lose weight. For one calories (still) count. Secondly, wheat and flour are technically vegan but can adversely affect your ability to lose weight. Also, food isn’t just it, exercise is essential, but also getting the right amount of sleep (a big challenge for me), and avoiding stress all play a varying role. Stress and lack of sleep cause your body to release cortisol which is anathema to getting the pounds off. I really want to try this more so for the health benefits and to see what it is like than the losing weight. PS I am losing weight but sloooooooowly.

Day 17 You don’t want to Myth this

There are a lot of crazy myths about Veganism and not just the “But how will you get protein? You can’t get any protein!” chestnut. That one has been pretty much beaten to death by everyone so we’ll look for one of the less obvious ones. This particular myth is to some extent one I was guilty of believing in myself. One Vegan food is nasty. Well I can’t really disprove it as taste is so subjective, but you may be surprised. Our bodies do a good job of trying to work with whatever energy source it is getting. We need a certain amount of nutrients each day, and our body tends to send the feed me signal until it gets the full supply it needs. What you call an insatiable appetite could be actually your brain hitting the “feed me lever” trying to load up on what it needs. In other words, your body sometimes thinks a particular food tastes good just cause you need to load up on it. You can retrain your body for something healthier and eventually it will taste good to you too. That being said some you have been hard-wired to eat meat by society and centuries of culture so it is a tough monkey to get off your back.

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