Hitting the heights on Summit Avenue

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Saint Paul Minnesota’s stunning Victorian Showplace is so awe-inspiring the city actually recommends if weather permits, parking and walking down the street because if you drive, you might just cause an accident by staring too much. 

The Minnesota State Capitol
Saint Paul’s Cathedral


Most streets couldn’t handle the pressure of having both the State Capitol and the stunning Saint Paul’s Cathedral as neighbors, but Summit street rises to the occasion. As the name implies, Summit Avenue runs on a ridge overlooking the Mississippi River and the City skyline below, this has long been Saint Paul’s most prized real estate. Mansions of Lumber Barons, Shipping Magnates, and even the Governors Mansion occupy this space. As long as there isn’t mass going on, you can easily find free parking at the Saint Paul Cathedral, so the avenue is a great place for strolling. sma10

Directly across from the Cathedral is the Hill Mansion. Built by Railroad Tycoon James Hill in 1891. The interior is quite lavish from what I was told. They do offer tours, but I had missed the last one. This will be a must see on my next visit.

Hill Mansion at Sunset
St. Paul’s as seen from the Hill Mansion


The Parade of Mansions and Victorian Homes



Two additional mansions worth noting individually. Below is the first mansion built on Summit Avenue. It was built right after the Civil War.  I really like the windows. sma9


Secondly is the Minnesota Governor’s Mansion

One of the nicer Governor’s mansions I’ve seen.

The entire Hill district has some lovely homes. In future posts, I will cover St Paul’s Cathedral and the Minnesota State Capitol in depth. So stick around for those.

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