This is an ongoing pictorial essay of the Italian island of Sicily. Photography was taken by my friend Frank Dolci. 

Faces of Sicily: Ai Vecchietta di Minchiapititto in Palermo offers great food and a charming atmosphere.
Faces of Sicily: Doric columns are what’s left of this ancient Greek structure, Valley of the Temples.
Faces of Sicily: Marching musicians are taking a break in one of many Good Friday processions, Palermo.
Faces of Sicily: More ancient remains, Valley of the Temples, Agrigento.
Faces of Sicily: Dome at Piazza Pretoria, Palermo. The piazza features sixteen racy statutes and is known as the Square of Shame.
Faces of Sicily: The Greek theater in Segesta was constructed in the latter part of the third century before Sicily was consumed by the Punic war. It was able to seat up to 3500 people.
Faces of Sicily: Bell tower of San Giuseppe in Taormina.
Faces of Sicily: Indian fast food in Palermo.
Faces of Sicily: Gothic arches adjoining structures, Palermo Cathedral.
Faces of Sicily: Fishing boats in Mondello. Mondello is a beautiful suburban resort town near Palermo.
Faces of Sicily: Vendor in La Vucceria

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