Usually, when you exceed a milestone WordPress will send you a congratulatory notice. I didn’t get one this time but I still want to acknowledge and thank all my followers on this page so….. DA- TA- TA- DA!!!!! (that’s supposed to be a trumpet sound)  Globetrotting Grandpa just passed 300 followers!!

So THANK YOU to all you wonderful people for taking notice and sticking around. Your presence means so much to me. Namaste, G.G.

people in uniform using a trumpet instrument with blue and yellow flag under
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5 Replies to “Blowing my own horn”

    1. I am so grateful people are following. I’m trying so hard not to compare myself with others, so I don’t know if 300 is ‘average’ for 5 months in or not. I’m just glad anyone is following.


      1. Thanks, for what it’s worth, I’m following and I really don’t want to sell anything. Best wishes to you.


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