Dangerous Dreaming.. Re imagining my weight loss journey week 2

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So, first things first, I had my weigh in (drum-roll) 4 pounds down not bad for a week. It’s a step. I wish it were a bigger step but I’ll take it. Each week, I want to talk about a topic related to health and weight loss. As I said in last weeks post i am not an expert of any kind. There are just my personal experiences. Actual miles may vary. 

Dreams are odd things. I am not talking about dreams as in goals or aspirations, I mean the actual act of dreaming. Some people never remember their dreams, most nights I don’t either, but I can remember a few doozeys. I think dreams are the ultimate form of Improv. The speed and willingness in which your mind is capable of suspending reality is astounding. In dreams you can be walking down the street talking to your best friend and the very next second you’re in an airplane flying to London with Angela Landsbury. And nowhere did your mind say ‘hey wait a minute, wasn’t i just I just on the side walk with my friend? ‘ Your mind just goes with it and accepts whatever happened without questioning.

For me, I am learning that losing weight is very similar. Plato said “the unexamined life is not worth living.” When it comes to eating and more importantly, being  healthy it is much the same. I am fighting negative momentum. I need mindfulness. Keeping mindful of what I eat is necessary, I have to exercise a keen sense of self awareness, I apparently don’t have when I dream. Having a food journal is essential. Also asking not only what I am eating, but why?. Am I really hungry or eating out of anxiety. If I can answer that question, I have to walk away until I do know.  I am sure that mindfulness is a muscle that the more I use it will be come stronger, even if it gets a bit sore at the moment.

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  1. Congratulations on staying on your new course for a week. Remember that weight loss in the first week is frequently dramatic. That is because when you start to process less food, your body expels a lot of liquid and some toxins. On the other hand, even on a pretty strict diet, you cannot lose 4 pounds every week without basically making yourself sick. It took me 8 months to loose 35 pounds, and I was faithful to my diet the whole time. I hope you stick to your dream of a healthier life for yourself.

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