Midnight is when the day begins: Re-imagining my Weight loss Journey: Day 1

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RECAP: So, last year, I did a 100 fitness challenge where I worked out and dieted every day for 100 days. I lost 38 pounds and made it to 98 days when I was bitten by a cat and had to go to have surgery. I spent four days in the hospital and fell in to debt  (even though I carried full insurance.) Afterwards, went in to a major depression. This was last September. I am finally feel like strong enough to try again. After this post, I will update every third day. 

So the weight in. (Sighs). Well I guess good news and bad news. The Bad News is after 10 months of neglect, I have gained every pound I lost. I am back at 350 pounds. Last summer it was the heaviest I had ever weighed. Again, I am back where i started with another year lost. Alright, that’s depressing let’s fast forward to the good news. I did’t put on more than when I started originally. (Hey, I got to get a victory anywhere I can at this point)

It would be real easy to just get overwhelmed at this point, but I really have no choice but to do this. How can I be the “Globetrotting grandpa” when i can’t even buckle the belt on an airline seat? I’m really not a sedentary person. I love to explore. I need a healthy body in order to do this.  I really just can’t think too much about where I am right now. It is too easy for me to implode.

I heard a song on the radio today. It’s called “Lemon” by U2. There’s a line in the song that really resonated with me. (I admit I’ve heard it many times before but it never really sunk in until now.)  “Midnight is when the day begins”. 11:59PM looks exactly the same 12:01AM. But they are a day apart. (And on New Years Eve they are a year apart) . So I will just have to accept the night (for now).

PS to anyone who is reading this: Thank You. You don’t have to comment or even like if you don’t want to, but thank you for reading this. I need a place (and hopefully people) to be to report to. I also need to be accountable to myself too.

Tomorrow, (actually today since it is after midnight) I am going to try to get some exercise. Hopefully swimming if I can fit it in before work, or I’ll go for a walk after work either way, I want to do something. I’ll post another update on this coming Monday.  I am ready to do this again. It’s a new day. And this time no cat is going to stop me………….I hope

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  1. I’ve heard about the American Health Care system. It sucks compared to Australia but then again I understand the US fear of creeping socialism — which we haven’t got btw though others might contest that

    1. Many Americans have a fear of the word socialism, but very few people can define the word properly. Meanwhile, the US is the only industrialized nation in the world without nationalized healthcare, and medical default is the number one source of bankruptcy in the US. It’s a hot mess.

  2. It’s always close to midnight somewhere, so if you get stuck you could just say, “In France it’s a new day in half an hour, I’ll start again then!”
    Best of luck!

  3. As we get older, life can get more depressing, and we are more and more subject to injury and illness. Unfortunate facts of life, and it’s hard to give up the confidence and freedom of our younger years. Despite the catchiness of your “Globetrotting grandpa” moniker, I’d look at that “trotting” part, find a comfortable speed. You can do this. You know how to loose weight. But if you find yourself in another situation where you loose control of what you eat and loose your opportunity for exercise and activity, THAT will be your challenge. 15 years ago, I lost 35 pounds and kept it off. I wrote a lot about it at the time, if you want to read some of this; I still think it’s a good read: http://jandris.ipage.com/jimpers/diet.html

    1. I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for suggesting it. I agree a huge part of this is understanding factors like my age, which is just a fact of life. Finding a pace that works and being consistent with it is a major factor. Im glad I’m not a “globe runner’ trotting is more my speed

  4. I need to lose 15 pounds. 15 pounds, 150 pounds, it’s all the same. I have been trying to lose this same poundage for years. I sabotage myself. Why? I don’t know. I will go on this quest with you. You are an inspiration. Problem solving in every present moment. No excuses. The time is now. Only good choices. Let’s go.

  5. So at our weight watchers meeting this week, we talked about finding ways to keep the adventure in our lives, even when we return from vacation. What prompted the discussion was my weigh in…I had missed two meetings because I’d been away exploring Glacier National Park. I was not mindful of what I ate while on vacation because, well…I was on vacation. So I fully expected to have put back on a few pounds. But when I stepped on the scale, I was actually down 1.8 pounds from my last meeting. I guess all the hiking and exploring…even just the hustle of getting through the airports…paid off. For sure I pushed myself hard because I wanted the see the view, mountain, glacier, etc…I didn’t see it as a work out. It was fun and I came back with memories for a lifetime.
    So the group discussion was, how do we find that at home so it becomes a part of our lifestyle. At home I am prone to spend lots of time on my devices, binge watch Netflix, etc… and then I want to snack. So the coach challenged us to find a home adventure this week.
    So today is beautiful in New Jersey after 2 weeks of hot humid yuck. I took my dog for a nice long walk to the park…not at a fast pace because she can’t handle that. There is peaceful 9-11 memorial tucked away in the back where we sat for a while before heading back. By the time I got home, I’d hit my step goal for the day and I didn’t have to get on the treadmill.
    Anyway, post away. I’ve got your back, I feel your pain. It is a long, hard to journey to getting healthy and the truth is, the longer it takes to hit goal, the more likely it is to keep the weight off. Celebrate every victory…just stepping on the scale to begin again was a major win for you. Kudos!

    1. Thank you T for the kind and encouraging words. Glad the vacation eating didn’t affect your weight. Glacier National Park is such a beautiful place (from what I’ve seen of the pictures. Haven’t been there yet) It makes an excellent subject for a blogpost.

  6. Congratulations on such a big accomplishment to lose so much weight. Although you had a set back as you state you didn’t gain more back which is what happens 99% of the time so kudos to you!

  7. I’ve gained back half the weight I lost in Weight Watchers. I even achieved “lifetime” membership. But two things are my downfall: traveling and medical issues. So I sympathize. Meanwhile, hang in there and good luck on your weight loss journey!

  8. Hi – Sorry to hear about your setback. I hope things are going better for you know. Years ago I tried many types of diets before I actually learned how to lose weight and keep it off. I would lose weight with random dieting and as soon as I stopped I would gain it all back. However, I have had great success with keeping my weight off with a low carb diet for many years now. Plus, a low carb diet has many additional health benefits.

    1. Thanks. I was down for a long time. I am much better now. I think having a blog is helping me stay grounded. A low carb diet seems to work for a lot of people. I am definitely looking into ways to implement that, So glad you found something that is working.

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