Hey Fellow Bloggers, I need a recommendation

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So, I’ve been blogging for about three months and I am loving it, except for this one thing. I have been using a tiny netbook computer and I think I may be overwhelming the poor thing. It’s over eight years old and lately it’s been crashing a lot. So I should probably look for a new laptop. But what to get? This is where you come in. What are you using to blog on? Does it work for you? I would like to spend less than a thousand but I’d like something I can grow with. Any ideas? All feedback would be appreciated. 

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6 Replies to “Hey Fellow Bloggers, I need a recommendation”

  1. Love my Acer swift 1. Was cheap, is small and light, has plenty of juice. I also traveled for a year with a chromebook, which is only useful when you have wifi. That worked for me until I started writing a book — then I wanted the hard drive.

  2. I actually got my laptop on QVC/HSN easy pay…it’s a Dell, it’s thin but wide (I opted for the larger screen size because of all the photography needs I have) and I’m pretty sure it was under $500-$600 and that was 5-6 years ago. It’s still pretty good, though I may have to upgrade in another year or so as I am seeing some degradation.
    If you are not familiar with Easy Pay…they charge you in equal monthly installments, no interest, but they ship you the product up front with the first payment.
    I did buy my daughter a cheap laptop from Amazon ($300) for schoolwork a few years back. As far as I know it still works, but the schools give them a tablet now and require them to do all their work on it, so…

  3. I have a HP personal computer at home and a Dell laptop for travel. I will probably write about my trip to India when I get home, using a journal to record everyday occurrences and to keep track of my picture taking. What I wanted to pass on to you and your readers is a bit of advice my blogging instructor gave our class. She told us it is a good idea to get a separate stand alone hard drive for storing all our blog posts. This is backup so all our work isn’t lost forever because of some computer or blog glitch.

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