100 Day Workout Challenge Days 86-90

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I started a 100-day Workout Challenge last year and this is a record of my experience.  I’ll post five days at a time Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until I am through it, then I will update where I am now and will start posting real-time weekly journals thereafter.

100 Day Workout challenge Day 86 Glad to say I did do the two workouts on Sunday I swam and went for a 3mi walk Took our dog Juju with me I ended up walking faster than i would have because juju anted to chase every squirrel, rabbit, skunk and deer she saw (which were a lot) but it was a nice work out

100 day workout challenge Day 87 Another two-fer day did swimming in the morning and a three mile walk after work, I was on the treadmill and threw in arm weights and a 15 degree incline so i was extremely hot and sweaty when i got done. This lead to me not sleeping very well. I can’t work myself so hard and then try to go to sleep after.

100 Day workout challenge Day 88 Had a drs appointment today and had to do a weigh in 312. I lost only a pound in the last two weeks. I was already still very worn out from overdoing it the night before and hit a deep depression. I didn’t workout today but counted the extra one from yesterday for today. calories also went over by about 200.

100 Day Workout Challenge day 89, Better today but still down some. went to a baseball game to see royals play. It was an afternoon game, felt really sick when I got home went to bed about 9pm and went right to sleep. calories were around 1700 so in an acceptable range.

100 Day Workout challenge day 90. Feel like i am back to myself again. Went swimming this morning and it was very nice, the hour went by so fast and easy i could have easily put in another 30 minutes if time would have allowed it. Feel like my energy has returned. Will do some yoga when i get home. Feel like I am going to cease doing much strenuous exercise like hard walking after work. I am beginning to understand the importance of rest and recovery in the whole cycle of exercise and recovery. it’s a balance I must respect.

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