100 Day Workout Challenge: Days 81-85

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I started a 100-day Workout Challenge last year and this is a record of my experience.  I’ll post five days at a time Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until I am through it, then I will update where I am now and will start posting real-time weekly journals thereafter.

100 Day Workout Challenge Day 80  Actually went to Y to swim but it was already closed Did 3 mile walk and weights. I am using incline on the treadmill with hand weights to increase the burn. Felt like I had a good workout. Calories approx 1700

100 Day workout challenge Day 81 Actually made it to the pool but it was really crowded. A lot of ‘motorboats” what I call people who swim really fast and hard. My swim style is more sea cow. I swim at a moderate clip (for me) but tend to choke a lot when the motorboats make the water choppy. I still have my lingering cough. Got some cough drops but tend to eat them like candy. (chew them instead of letting dissolve) I screwed up pretty bad each drop was 17 calories and I ate the whole bag (850 calories) Will NEVER do this again.

100 Day workout Challenge day Day 82 No swim but did do about 90 minutes on nature walk (about 4 miles) and then did an hour on inclined treadmill with hand weights for an hour (about 2.5 miles) was going to try to do weights for arms and swim but was getting late in to the evening and I had been gone for most of the evening. Was very agitated and had trouble falling asleep.

100 Day Workout Challenge day 83 Yay! Finally got to swim did almost a mile. Still not sleeping well. But got the calories within range (about 1600)

100 Day Workout Challenge day 84 had a fabulous night’s sleep. Went to bed super early for me (10pm) and slept for over 11 hours. Felt wonderful. swam laps for about a mile. First day back from vacation. debating whether to do a walk or come home.

100 Day Workout Challenge Day 85. Well, as per my last post. I didn’t walk or lift but went home. I figured I would try to make it two good nights sleep in a row. No such luck, Couldn’t fall asleep until nearly 6am. Went through the entire day in a fog, By the time I got off work, I was just numb. I wouldn’t say depressed because that would require too much energy. Didn’t work out, but am doing two workouts on Sunday to make up for it.


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