photo of blue sky
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“sweet springtime sapphire/in the sky’s deep blue navel/I contemplate you.”


adult book boring face
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“Dreamers pay a price/they’re called fools, in truth, they know/fear’s price is greater”


white and red plastic heart balloon on sky during daytime
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And when I am gone/forty years or tomorrow/only Love matters.”


beautiful bird bloom blossom
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“though their mothers gone/baby birds by my window/sing a dream of hope”


2 Replies to “This week’s humpday haiku”

  1. You are amazing. You post everyday. I got very busy. Feel bad that there is a gap in my posts. Want to congratulate you on your milestone…over 100 days of posting. You inspire me. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much. I’m having so much fun blogging the 100 days went by pretty fast Had a great trip to Marceline Missouri to visit Walt Disney’s hometown. Got lots of great pictures of the family farm and theyve got a great museum there with lost of information of the family lore. should have a post up this weekend hopefully thiswekend. I really enjoy and read your posts so keep em coming!

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