Discovering County Donegal, Ireland

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Donegal Town
Donegal castle, home to the O’Donnell Clan


Above shots of the castle interior
Bridge over the river Eske. Across the bridge are several inexpensive B&B’s and the Donegal Hostel Hotel. There is also a very inexpensive hostel a couple of miles away at Lough Eske.
As with all of the republic, the signs are bilingual English and Gaelic


The city’s most famous landmark is the Franciscan Friary. The abandoned friary is now a graveyard among the ruins

Donegal is the northernmost county in the Republic and is renown for its secluded beauty. The county tends to get fewer tourists as a rule than the southern part of the country. The county is adjacent to Northern Ireland and the two make for a great combination.

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    1. I was looking over my notes and I had that it was written there, but you’re comment made me double check. I tried wikipedia and the monastic society of ireland and neither one confirmed that. I am going to go in and delete that. I had it in my head when i was there that someone said it and even wrote it in my journal. But since i can’t confirm it better safe than sorry.

      1. Please don’t take my word for it as I genuinely don’t know either way 😁. I have seen the Book in Dublin years ago but just can’t remember where it was written. I wish I could now.

      2. I had to rush through Dublin I missed the sights. I really want to visit trinity college and go to the library on my next visit. Wikipedia said in Britain or Ireland so maybe it’s origin is uncertain.

      3. Me Too. I did get a chance to visit NI on my trip though. I went to Derry took a wrong train that put me in Portrush overnight (and caused me miss giants causeway) and I got to see Belfast shortly before my flight

      4. perhaps it was housed there maybe. Anyway, the friary was beautiful and it was even more moving that they had turned it in to a cemetery. The B&B I stayed at was across the river and I could see it from my window.

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