The Sculpture trails of the Johnson County Arboretum

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The Johnson County Arboretum and Botanical Gardens are a park located just outside Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas. The Park charges an admission of $3.00 but is free on Tuesdays. They have several hiking trails from easy, paved circular trails of less than a mile, to more challenging unpaved double-back trails that run up through the rock bluffs surrounding the creek nearby. One of my favorites is the statue trail, which is paved and circular.  Every few hundred feet you are presented with a different statue.


Most of the artists who created these statues are Chinese, and several depict famous figures in Chinese history. This one is Confucius.
Michael Jackson is there to greet you on the statue trail
Some of the statues are whimsical.
The most controversial of the statues. Several religious groups in the area strongly objected to the depiction of bare breasts and unsuccessfully lobbied to have the figure removed.

Some of the wildflowers from the trail

The pond trail follows a circular pond and even has a paddock where you can feed koi and some water turtles. The path also has a statue of Claude Monet painting. jc5jcb12

What is in Mr. Monet’s sight line. Pretty as a painting.
Children feeding Koi on the paddock. The lake trail is also paved and circular. Total distance is about a mile.

There are several wooded trails they tend to be longer in length and some more of a challenge since they run along the ridge on the creek bluffs.

The wooded trails are unpaved but several have wood chips on the path.

Flowers and waterfalls from the trails

This is a Cheyenne Medicine Wheel that is alongside the wooded trail.  The wheel was designed by a tribe of Cheyenne located in southern Kansas

Pros:  Wide variety of paved and unpaved trails from beginner to intermediate skill levels. The ridge trail was a bit strenuous for me but the view was rewarding. The statue trail is really a nice place for a relaxing stroll. It’s exercise and it’s art.

Cons: Everyday except Tuesday which is free,  there is a small $3.00 admission. Very popular park with people (and unfortunately mosquitos) so no real alone time. 


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