The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida

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The Dali museum much like the artist it honors defies explanation. His paintings are almost ineffable and can’t be put in to worlds. The invite you to look and just when you think you got it…you see something new. 20160223_153052.jpg20160223_152023.jpg20160223_152851.jpg20160223_151951.jpg20160223_151656.jpg20160223_150239.jpg20160223_145621.jpg20160223_144827.jpg20160223_144351.jpg20160223_144238.jpg20160223_143900.jpg20160223_143755.jpg20160223_143925.jpg20160223_144152.jpg20160223_143252.jpg20160223_135858.jpg20160223_135015.jpg

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