“Show me what you got!”

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      Let’s do some “Show and Tell”. Here’s your chance to plug your Blog. 

That’s write, sorry, I mean that’s right.  I would love to have you post here about your blog. You can write anything you’d like, but I’d love to know things like:

What’s the name of your blog and why did you pick that name? How long have you been blogging? Does your blog have a philosophy, mantra or mission statement? What have been some of your favorite posts you’ve written? Have you been surprised by anything unexpected since you started? And anything else you’d like to add. I would love to get some feedback.

I’ll Start.  My blog is “Globetrotting grandpa” I like the name because it is something I feel like I can grow in to. Not something a decade or two I would need to change.  I’m 58 so I may be on the young end of grandpahood.  But this is my attempt at embracing my impending senescence.

The primary focus of my blog is travel, but I also write about my issues with health and weight loss, I also add an occasional original poem or haiku.

I do have a mission statement it is from the poem “Ulysses” by Alfred Lord Tennyson. ” T’is not too late to seek a newer world.” I truly believe that. You can travel at any age. You are never too old. (or too broke, too depressed, too heavy, too…anything)

My favorite posts have been the informative posts like “Hosteling over 50”, “Repo cruises,” and the guides for things to do for free in Las Vegas, San Francisco,  Seattle, and NYC. Those posts take more time to write and research, but the truth is, I really LOVE researching.

I’ve found several things surprising since I started the blog.  For one thing, I was so impressed by the professional quality in so many of the blogs here. Well written, great pictures, and some innovative layout and presentation. I was also so pleased with the level of support from so many of you. I’m very grateful for all the kind comments and people from all over the world who have viewed my page. And this is such great fun. I needed this. Without dredging up all the maudlin muck, suffice to say I was in kind of down. This has really given me something fun to look forward to, so I am so grateful for that.

Okay, that’s it for me. Show me what you got. I’d love to read all about what going on with you.

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