In honor of me achieving my goal of visiting all 50 US States, I will post a picture of somewhere I have visited in each state and write a paragraph or two about my experience. There is so much to see in every one of them, so I am just selecting one of my best memories. 

We start of with Delaware. Delaware is often called “The first state as it was the original of the 50 states to ratify the U.S. Constitution”. Given that Delaware is the second smallest state you would think there wouldn’t be a lot to see there, but I found the opposite to be true. I especially liked many of the colonial mansions and Gardens of Wilmington, the shipwreck ruins at the Roosevelt inlet and the historic Fort Delaware which protected Delaware harbor and the city of Philadelphia from attack by sea.

Dolles famous Saltwater taffy a Rehoboth Beach institution.

My favorite memory of the state is my drive along the many beach town on the Delaware shore. Not as famous or crowded as it’s New Jersey neighbor I spend a lovely afternoon driving down from Philadelphia (about a two-hour trip). I liked the laid back vibe and variety.  Each town has its own character. Also, several state parks dot the coast offering a more secluded vista from the city beaches which can be crowded on weekends and holidays. Two excursions I would recommend are taking the ferry across the bay to Cape May New Jersey and taking the backroads across the state into eastern Maryland and crossing the Chesapeake to Annapolis.

Many people just transit through Delaware on their way to D.C or Philadelphia but taking the exit at Wilmington yields many pleasant surprises.

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  1. Surprisingly there is a lot to see in our little state. I’ve lived here for 9 years now and still haven’t made it through all the gardens in Wilmington and the surrounding area. Another interesting fact that many do not know is how divided the state was during the Civil War. The north was part of the Union and the south the Confederacy.

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