“A midwinter night’s Haiku”

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For those of you that like Haikus, I have another blog “Haikukachoo” on WordPress. It has a daily Haiku. Come check it out. I used to post a lot of original Haiku and poetry here, but recently decided to streamline “Globetrotting Grandpa” to just travel and travel related stories. So I added a dedicated page for the Haikus. So far I don’t have any follows on that page (except for me) so if you like Haikukachoo please follow it. I would be forever grateful. 

silhouette of golden gate bridge during golden hour

“I miss you, my friend, / I’ll see you when the dream ends/Please save me a seat.”

assorted color dreamcatcher lot

“Letters in a wind, A midwinters night haiku, words huddle for warmth.”

silhouette of person in green grass under the sun during daytime

“The full moon a queen, Jesting in her nightly court,  only the wolf laughs”

alarm clock analogue antique classic

“nothing lasts forever, Good things end, (I tell myself), in my hot shower.”

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