Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art had an exhibit called “Exhibition to the Chimacloud” and I can’t really even describe it. Perhaps the best of explaining would be if the entire cast of “Star Trek” did mushrooms. It mixes a science fiction theme with ineffably dazzling visual effects. I could stare at it for hours but still not really be able to explain what I just saw.

Artist Saya Woolfolk said one of the purposes of her art is to be immersive. I believe she accomplishes this. Her work is ethereal and esoteric.

According to creator Saya Woolfolk “Exhibition to the Chimacloud” is about an extraterrestrial race of woman explorers called “The empaths” and that each display is part of a narrative that explains the history and origin of their tribe.

this piece is reminiscent of some Hindu sculptures I have seen.  

The exhibit as explained on the museum’s website is ” an immersive, multimedia experience created for the Nelson-Atkins that incorporates themes of cultural hybridization, technology, identity, ceremonial rituals, and science fiction.”

The Chimacloud is a world created by the Empathics. It is a ‘digital alternative universe” 


A colored light display on the floor creates an image of a portal where people can stand to be teleported to other levels of the chimacloud. 

This is one of the most outre art exhibits I have seen, But I like surreal art and was able to roll with the eccentric nature of the work. I think anyone who approaches the Chimacloud with an open mind will thoroughly enjoy this unique and visually stunning offering.

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