Kansas City’s Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art may not get the attention of her larger neighbor the Nelson-Atkins museum of Art, she makes up with it by an ever-changing array of thoughtful modern works. 

There’s a popular saying that goes: ” I may not know Art, but I know what i like’ this is how I feel about Contemporary Art. I don’t try to understand it, I just try to let the art affect me. I like that it is subjective. I’ve always been one who was more comfortable in the gray anyway.

This painting is a perfect example of subjective Viewpoint. When I see this painting, it looks very Asian. I see two Japanese water dragons fighting in the waves. It’s kind of like cloud-busting. We see what comes to mind through our experiences. The person who painted it may have had something very different in mind.
This sculpture is called “The Spider”
This sculpture is called “The Crying Giant”
This one is “The Cherub wrestling a Pegasus”
I like this sculpture. It reminds me of seaweed. I remember how much I love (and miss)  the ocean.

I like the colors on these two. The one on the left looks like faces, but i don’t feel sad looking at them , they seem peaceful. I like the shapes on the one on the right.


This painting looks almost like a newspaper photo. I see refugees who have just swam a long distance.

I like how the one on the left has varying shapes while the one on the right has geometric shapes. Kind of like the brain one side abstract one side concrete.


The “We the people” is made from shoestrings all different shapes and colors.
The “snowmen” are made from strips of foam with glitter attached. I REALLY wanted to touch them, but I restrained myself.
This was my favorite of the current exhibits. the artist took flags from nations who have had a history of conflict and blended the flags together. She had lights on the flag and a light fan on them.
I’m something of a geography geek, so i recognize most of these flags. The one on the left is Panama and the center one is Brazil. The one on the right with the snakes is a mystery to me. Anyone know? 


The flag on the left is a merged North Korean and South Korean flag.

The gallery also has a cafe that is covered with paintings. The waiter saw me looking through the window and invited me in to take pictures even though they were closed.


Like the Nelson Art gallery next door, the Kemper museum is always free. The museums make great bookends to any afternoon. They are divided by The Kansas City Art Institute and the whole neighborhood has beautiful stately manor homes and makes for a picturesque walk. 

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