I wanted to show you the place I used to work at when I wasn’t  globetrotting. This is Unity Village in Unity Village, Missouri. It is an independent city located in the eastern suburbs of Kansas City. The city is the headquarters of the Unity Worldwide Ministries. The village also operates as a spiritual retreat and health and wellness center does a great deal of publishing and is a popular location for weddings. I worked at Silent Unity which is a 24/7 prayer line. We  would pray with anyone who seeks prayer, regardless of their personal faith or even lack thereof. We don’t judge and pray with anyone who calls. We have many Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and even atheists callers.  But enough about me, I hope you enjoy these picturesuv9

This was my building. The round cupola in the center is the prayer vigil chapel. Someone is in there praying and meditating at all times.

We have a row of fountains running up the center courtyard

I love the architecture of this place.

There’s also a labyrinth, a golf course, a luxury hotel, lakes and a two-mile nature trail. For me, the best thing about working here was the people. The kindest, warmest, most generous coworkers I have ever worked with. It’s nice to go see the world, but when I needed to come back to refill the coffer, I couldn’t ask for a better place.

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