Hbluboka Castle, Czech Republic

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Although a castle of some sort has existed on this site for over 800 years, this current incarnation was completed in the 1800s.

Located on a bluff near Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic Hbluboka Castle is one the country’s finest. Modeled after Windsor Castle in England, the white stone Castle glows in the sunlight. The castle was abandoned during the Second  World War after the last owner fled to avoid the Nazis. After the war, the government of Czechoslovakia stripped the owner of his rights to the property and made it a museum. The first time I was ever in the country, I actually worked here doing grounds work. I didn’t get to stay in the castle though, we had to bunk in a guesthouse nearby. The castle is as stunning on the inside as out and worth a visit. Also, the city of Ceske Budejovice is famous for it’s Budweiser beer. Not the watery American swill, but the real stuff. Budweis is the German name for the city which was once part of the Austrian-Hungary Empire. The beer is very tasty but much stronger than many beers in the US. It also can not be sold in the US because Budweiser has a copyright on the name. But if you are an American and travel abroad (and of course drink beer) it’s worth trying.

A look at the interior

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