Picture of the Day: Dignity of Earth and Sky

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Located on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River, The statue “Dignity of Earth and Sky” glows in the setting sun. A gift to the people of South Dakota by a wealthy philanthropist the statue honors the Lakota and Dakota tribes whose ancestral hunting lands, ran as far as the eye can see here. The 50ft statue is made of stainless steel and shows a Lakota woman in a native garment of the mid-1800s.  She is holding a quilt with over 125 blue diamond shaped pieces that move with the wind creating a sparkle effect. At night the diamonds have a LED light that makes them look like starlight.

The view from behind
There are plans to add a pedestal with the names of all the federally recognized tribes in the USA 

dg5The statue is located off of Interstate 90 the main near Chamberlin, South Dakota. You can see it from the highway and is open 24hrs. It is especially beautiful at night.


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