Picture of the Day: The Dollhouse Grave

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Located near Cincinnati, Ohio is the grave of Julia May Keating who died at age one. The father, John Keating had also lost another child and a niece all within the years of 1868 and 1878. None of these children had reached the age of three. Grief-stricken Keating designed this two-storyWhen it a dollhouse in their memory.  When it was first placed, the dollhouse had glass windows and was filled with furnishings. Sadly vandals attacked and the interior items were stolen. People who visit often leave new items inside the house but due to the frequency of attacks, the items are continuously replaced.

The Dollhouse has wooden floorboards and even wallpaper at the time. once the glass was broken they began to deteriorate.

On one side of the house is a poem which reads:

“one by one, the leaves are falling, fading day by day. In the silence heaven is calling one by one our lambs away”


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