Every January in recent years The Kansas City Chiefs Football team has gone to the playoffs.  This tear is no exception

All of Kansas City goes red during Chiefs football Season. This year, the chiefs had a 12-5 season and are in the championship game this Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. If they win, They’ll be one step closer to their third Super bowl appearance in as many years. 

Many Chiefs fans have learned to live with heartbreak. Since 1970, the team has made the playoffs a total of 18 times, each time falling short of the finale. Then three years ago it all changed. The Chiefs won their first championship in 50 years and returned the next year but lost to Tampa Bay. This year, will be a challenge to make it to the big game, but don’t count them out.

The columns at Bartle Hall glow in the misty night sky.
Every city landmark is getting into the act. Here is the Union Train Station in Chiefs red.

Founded in 1960 as the Dallas Texans the team moved to Kansas City in 1963. While most people associate the name “Chiefs” to Native Americans, the name actually came from former Kansas City Mayor Harold Bartle who had that nickname. The runner up was “Royals” which would eventually become the name of the city’s baseball team.

The interior of Union Station
The Kansas City Streetcar races down the Avenue
The giant Shuttlecocks illuminate team spirit
One of the finest concert halls in the nation’s unique design is perfect for red
Modeled after the Empire State Building in NYC, the Power and Light building was the city’s tallest for decades. The original intent was to make twin towers but the Great Depression put an end to that. The Tower is lit year-round but glows red during football season.

We’ve been here before and we might just do it again. And if civic pride counts for anything we’re already there. 

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