The City of Peace, Poem of Peace

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Happy Holidays!. Today we have a guest blog post from my good friend Jerry. He is describing a trip he took to Jerusalem and how it inspired his beautiful work “The Peace Poem” 

The ancient and the modern dance a hesitant waltz in Jerusalem

 I had spent the day sightseeing in Jerusalem.  I returned to the Hotel that night late and exhausted. I sat in my hotel room and meditated before going to bed.

I wrote the poem originally that night many years ago in the hotel in Jerusalem after a full day of touring the holy sites. THEN exactly 23 years later, while in the Prayer Vigil, the poem came to me again, in a slightly altered version. Both times the poem unfolded completely all at once as if it was already written and I was only reading or copying it.

About 3 years ago I was asked by a fellow Prayer Associate that knew if I had published or written any inspirational poems.

This one came to mind and she liked it so well she encouraged me to offer it to the Daily Word Magazine. It only took 3 years for this to finally make its way into print.  This Peace Poem may be found in Unity’s Daily Words current issue. The incredible journey of this poem.   Thanks for allowing me to share this with you.


The Peace Poem  by  Jerry Shipman

We pray for peace

     in the world;

That every soul

     may awaken to God;

That every heart

     open to every heart;

That every face

     will face each other

With a smile and

     a helping hand,

And love will be known

     throughout our world.

We pray knowing it is so.

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