Kansas City is located in the center of the U.S. and miles away from the nearest ocean let alone Europe. But for some of the city’s wealthy elite (and a few less endowed but determinedly creative home builders) having one of Europe’s most revered symbols in their hometown is a dream come true.  We look at some of the homes and businesses that were built to resemble European castles and manor houses. Most of these are in the KC metro, but a few are a couple hours drive or less.

The Workhouse Castle

The castle is familiar to anyone who visits downtown Kansas City regularly. Located southwest of downtown and on a hill near the Jazz District. The site has been entirely abandoned since the early 70’s. The name Workhouse Castle is an honest one. The Castle was built in 1897 with prison labor and served as a prison for non-violent criminals, debtors, and vagrants. They were forced to work at the Water Department located across the street.
The Castle has been abandoned for the last 47 years. Although occasionally the courtyard has been used for weddings.

The Tiffany castle


Have you ever wanted to own a Castle? This one is currently for sale. It is located on the bluffs overlooking the Missouri River on the city’s Northeast Neighborhood. It also has a great view of Downtown

The K.C. Museum castle.

Named due to its proximity to the Kansas City Museum, the museum castle is (sadly for me) a private residence. But look at the place. I would so live there, ghosts or not. The people who live there have really fixed up the place. It was entirely run down a few years ago, This was a sanitarium for years before being converted to a home.

The Brownstone Castle

I think that’s my finger in the upper left side, sorry. This was also a nursing home too and is located next to the house I just featured before. The Northeast neighborhood in Kansas City is chock full of architectural lookers.

The Northmoor castle

Equipped with a lookout tower complete with cannons, The Northmoor Castle is located in the suburb of Northmoor which is appropriately located in the north part of Kansas City. Anyone who has taken I29 t the airport has mostly seen the tower as it is located on a hill next to the highway.




                               Epperson House

Part of the campus of the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC), Epperson House was donated to the University after the owner’s wife died. Rumor has it she’s still living there in spirit.

Sauer Castle

Looking like somewhere the Addams Family would live the Sauer Castle exudes creepy. The house has been abandoned for years. The current owners are trying to restore the place but are fighting a somewhat losing battle with vandals and trespassers who frequently invade the property due to the reputation of the house for being haunted.  The House is located on a hill in Kansas City, Kansas.

Caenen Castle

Located in Shawnee, Kansas the Caenen castle can be rented out for weddings and banquets.

Chateau Avalon

Located next to the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas. The Chateau is actually a high-end Hotel featuring theme rooms such as Maya rain Forest, Pirate’s Cove, Tahitian Treehouse, Roman  Camelot, and Serengeti  Suites. I have no affiliation with this place and won’t get a penny for saying this but, this place is impressive. You should check out the website when you get a chance.

Further Afield: The Tea House Castle  Lawrence Kansas


The Cray Castle Atchison Kansas


Like many of these places, this one is also rumored to be haunted. I guess ghosts like castles.

Miller mausoleum Castle Holden Missouri


What’s more haunted than a castle? A mausoleum Castle perhaps?

.Kimbal Castle and Nicholls Hall Manhattan, Kansas


This castle home was just recently renovated


This building is on the campus of Kansas State University and houses the school of communication and the Theater department.  Pretty apropos for a place for theater majors.

Bothwell Lodge Sedalia Missouri


This lodge was once a private residence and now is a State Park. The lodge is available for tours and is stunning inside and out.

Ha Ha Tonka Castle, Camdenton Missouri


The grounds of the abandoned mansion is a photographers gem. If you would like to see more, I  made a post of the park a couple weeks ago here at Globetrotting Grandpa.

Not all of these castles are open to the public but even those which are not, are worth at least a drive-by visit. With Halloween coming up next month, you could get some spooky pictures.

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