The Cathedral of Saint Paul in Saint Paul Minnesota is one of the grandest buildings in all the Midwest. The church sets on a hill directly across from the state capitol building and is often mistaken by visitors. “How could a building so stately not be the capitol building?” they ask. The mistake is indeed forgivable.


Saint Paul’s by day


Saint Paul’s by night


Opposite hill facing the Cathedral is the state capitol building. At night both, buildings are lit creating two domes angels looking down from their perch upon the city of Saint Paul.


Atop the cathedral, the namesake Saint looks down upon the church and city that shares his name.


The Cathedral has an old world quality to it. You would almost expect to see this church in a much older city in Europe.  Actually, this is the fourth edition of the church starting as a simple log cabin in the early 1800’s to this magnificent version we see today. The present-day cathedral was completed just in the 1940’s but seems eternal.

I have been to the Twin Cities several times but this was the first time I ever had the pleasure of seeing inside this gem, I almost didn’t want to as I was afraid there was no way the outside splendor could match up. I was pleasantly wrong.

The angels were on my side this time. I was able to see inside the cathedral. Since this is an active Church be mindful of the Mass schedule, but the church interior is free to visit but if you arrive at 1pm weekdays you can have a guided tour.
the choir loft and grand organ.
Stained glass windows flank every side of the interior walls
The High Altar
The chapel of Saint Paul
Inner view of the great dome

There were many small alcoves where there would be a small altar to the many saints.

St. Matthew
This may be John the Baptist
St Anthony


St Peter
I don’t know this one, but I like the statue


The chapel of St Mary was especially lovely

There are often times when words fail me, but this is one of those rare times that pictures fail me as well. This is a very special place and if I lived in the area I would visit often. I’m not even Catholic ( I was raised Baptist).  But the spiritual peace of this place was palpable. 

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